Hack to Help was founded by Ata Gowani as ITWD with the purpose to provide a safe space for everyone to learn programming. ITWD served as a 7-week long hands-on web development course for high school students with the first ever class on August 13th, 2017.

In summer 2018, ITWD was renamed to Hack to Help and continued on as a programming course for students. The club was initiated as a UT Dallas organization in spring 2019 with Jason Smith as its advisor and Ata Gowani, Alexis Vu, Jon Washington, and Jonathan Harty serving as the core officers. Our team has continued to grow since then! Check out our current and past team members.

Our Events

Hack to Help started with the goal of creating a safe space for everyone to learn programming. We work towards achieving that by hosting hands-on workshops several times a semester open to all experience levels. Our workshops vary in content ranging from basic web development to learning about libraries such as React.